ICMCP’s Veterans Pathway to CISO (VPC)


Despite an abundance of programs and initiatives geared toward converting “warriors” into “cyber warriors”, there are few if any programs that affords our cyber vets direct access to practicing Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Chief Security Officers (CSOs).

The intent of this program is to partner with the Veteran Administration’s Outreach Offices and enroll ICMCP’s “network of CISO networks” to enlist ‘local’ CISOs/CSOs in major US cities and in proximity to VA Regional Centers where “CISO for Vets” workshops will be held.


ICMCP will plan, organize and execute:

  • Content-rich and multi-faceted professional development workshops
  • Strategic mentor protégé pairing
  • Technical symposiums and webinars


Program participants will be veterans of the US Armed Forces and practicing CISOs/CSOs from the public and/or private sector.




VA Regional Centers across the United States.