1. The purpose of the ICMCP Cybersecurity Internship Program is to provide members an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and exposure in the field of cybersecurity by working alongside cyber leaders within ICMCP Partner Organizations, while at the same time building the pipeline of women & minority cybersecurity professionals for these partner organizations.

    ICMCP and its partners are committed to supporting the professional development of individuals by providing valuable employment opportunities to women & minorities and optimize diversity and inclusion in the field of cybersecurity.
  2. Partner Organization Benefits
    1. Highly motivated pre-professionals (students) or experienced workers being “retooled”
    2. New perspectives on processes, procedures and programs
    3. Pipeline of quality candidates for temporary or seasonal positions and/or projects
    4. Flexible, cost-effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees
    5. Prepared and trained new employees hired from the intern pool
  3. Process
    1. Internships are offered on an ongoing basis based upon the needs of ICMCP Partner Organizations but primarily during the Summer & Winter Holidays
    2. Internships can be Part-time or Full-time, Paid or non-paid upon the needs of ICMCP Partner Organizations
    3. Mentees who are already enrolled in ICMCP’s Mutual-Match Mentor Protégé Program will be given primary considerations for Internships within ICMCP’s Partner Organizations
    4. Internship applicants must apply online at the following URL https://icmcp.org/careers/ to complete the registration form and upload resume.
    5. All available Internships will be posted online to the ICMCP Career Portal.
    6. Selection Criteria & Selection Procedures
      1. To qualify candidates must be actively enrolled ICMCP Member
      2. Candidates must also be active volunteers in AT LEAST ONE ICMCP Committee
      3. Resumes will be forwarded to the ICMCP Partner Organization offering the internship, where the selection will be made by the ICMCP Partner Organization
  4. How to Apply.Internship applicants must apply online at the following URL https://icmcp.org/skills-assessment-form/ to complete the skills assessment and Internship Application Form
  5. Primary Seasons to be Offered
    1. Winter – typically starts late November or December
    2. Summer – typically starts in May or June
  6. Eligibility
    1. College Students
    2. Experienced workers

For additional questions or clarifications, please email info@icmcp.org