ICMCP Scholars (Block Grant) Program

Through the ICMCP Scholars Program, ICMCP provides block grants to colleges and universities that, in turn, award the money to talented Female, African American, Hispanic American, Native American, Asian Pacific, Asian Indian or sub-Saharan African students enrolled in science, technology, engineering or math programs as part of their financial aid packages.

The ICMCP’s Scholars (Block Grant) Program provides scholarship support for minorities in the form of a lump sum grant to partner institutions who enroll students from three sources – first year students identified by ICMCP or the partner universities, transfer students from two-year colleges, and currently enrolled students who have completed at least one year of science, technology, engineering or math study.

University Eligibility

Academic institutions that wish to participate in the scholars grant program must demonstrate a commitment to minority student success that is evidenced in their recruitment, admission, retention, education, and graduation (RAREG) of Female, Veteran, African American, Hispanic American, Native American, Asian Pacific, Asian Indian or

Payment Distribution

ICMCP distributes grant payments in two installments each academic year.  Under the scholars program, each entering freshman scholar is eligible for $12,500 for up to five years.  Two-year transfers and currently enrolled sophomores and beyond are eligible for the identical annual support for up to three years.  Scholarship amounts may vary based on the scholar’s financial need to cover the cost of education.

Reporting Requirements

The academic institution provides ICMCP with a report at the end of the grant period that includes graduation and retention rates as well as biographical information, GPA, and dollar amount of support for each ICMCP Scholar.

Expectations for Continuance

Partnership agreements are reviewed at the end of five years.  Grants are renewed annually to compare institutional performance against established enrollment and graduation goals.  ICMCP expects evidence of continuous improvement toward parity.  Such indicators of success would include in the aggregate rising GPAs, reduction in retention rate between ICMCP Scholars and comparison group (e.g., other minority engineering students or non-minority engineering students), and stable or decreasing time to degree.

ICMCP In-Kind/Associate Programs

We also encourage universities and colleges, not already engaged in our ICMCP Scholarship Programs, to provide in-kind scholarship support to under-represented minority science, technology, engineering or math students attending your school.

Security Innovation Computer Based Cyber Training

Security Innovation, an authority in application security, offers free computer based training (CBT) to ICMCP members looking to expand their skills or seek a career in cyber security.  This free training is another step in the joint partnership between ICMCP and Security Innovation, building upon the success of last year’s Web application cyber range challenge run at the ICMCP 2018 National Conference in September.

All ICMCP members will have access to Security Innovation’s on-demand training that features pre-configured learning paths for more than 40 roles.  This is the same curriculum offered to the company’s clients that comprise many of the world’s most reputable brands.

If you aren’t sure which learning paths are best for you based on your current job or the field you want to get into, the Security Innovation team will be happy to discuss and guide you.  Please contact Jose Lazu at jlazu@securityinnovation.com for recommendations.

ICMPC members can sign up for free training at:  https://web.securityinnovation.com/icmcp2019

Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy

Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy awards members of the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals who enroll in any of the master’s programs at Heinz College a minimum scholarship of 30% of tuition per semester.

 Heinz College offers top-ranked graduate degree programs in Information Systems & ManagementPublic Policy & Management, and Creative Enterprises Management. Heinz College provides students with the analytics, technology, and policy skills necessary to solve complex societal problems in an increasingly connected world. Our research excellence and expertise in data analytics set Heinz College apart in the areas of cybersecurity, health care, the future of work, smart cities, and arts & entertainment. In 2016, INFORMS named Heinz College the #1 academic program for Analytics Education.

 To learn more, prospective students can connect with us today or learn more about the application process.  You may also email David Eber, the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, directly at deber@cmu.edu.

Fellowships (Special Scholarships)

The ICMCP Fellows Program was created to provide an opportunity for individuals and companies interested in establishing a named minority scholarship program in support of ICMCP’s mission to increase the representation of under-represented minorities in science, technology, engineering or math.

For specific information on how to establish a fellowship e-mail, scholarships@icmcp.org.

Current ICMCP Fellowships and Endowments 

Aric K. Perminter Undergraduate Endowment Fellowship
Aric K. Perminter endowment fellowship is made possible through an endowment from the Aric K. Perminter Foundation.  One student is selected in the sophomore year.  The award provides $5,000 for up to three years.

The Lynx Undergraduate Fellowship Award
The Lynx Undergraduate Fellowship Award is financial support program that encourages and recognizes high academic achievement of students interested in pursuing a corporate career in a cybersecurity discipline.  The award is accompanied by internship and mentoring opportunities.  Two students are selected in their junior year.  The recipients are awarded $2,500 each for up to two years.  The minimum grade point average required is 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

The Marci McCarthy Cybersecurity Certification Scholarship Program
The Marci McCarthy Cybersecurity Certification Scholarship Program provides $5,000 over a two-year period to help talented women and minority students advance in cybersecurity and obtain the Security+ Certification via CompTIA.

Read March 13, 2018, Press Release: International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP) Announces the “Marci McCarthy Cybersecurity Certification Scholarship Program

Apply Here for These Current ICMCP Fellowships and Endowments.

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