ICMCP Value-add Membership Programs

  • Cyber Security Scholarships
  • Mutual Match Mentor / Protégée Program For Entry and Mid-Career Practitioners
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Technical Training Workshops
  • Distinguished Speakers Series
  • Quarterly Newsletter (Cyber Notes)

Quarterly Newsletter (Cyber Notes)

The ICMCP quarterly newsletter provides highlights of ICMCP ‘s diverse programs and activities, outlines planned upcoming activities, and features our members in their operational environments in the ‘Member Focus’ section.

Cyber Security Scholarships

ICMCP Student Members have access to a robust offering of academic scholarships and grants. ICMCP‘s scholarship programs are generously supported through sponsorships and membership fees. ICMCP offers scholarships to qualified protégés studying cyber security related curricula at institutions of higher learning.

Link to Educational Funding:

Mutual Match Mentor / Protégée Program

Our Mutual-Match Program will assess a protégé’s unique profile and match the mentor best suited to foster the protégé’s academic or professional development. By evaluating a protégé answered questionnaire, we are able to assess a protégé’s:

  • Attitudes about personal academic/professional performance
  • Perceived strengths and weaknesses, and
  • Insecurities about achievements

Using this information, we can then connect these protégés with similarly minded, successful minority college protégés. These individuals, through their experience and proven track records, have demonstrated a strong willingness to promote the mission and values of ICMCP.

Mutual Match Mentor-Protégé