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For many nations around the world, the dual challenge of maintaining an environment that promotes innovation, open interconnectivity, economic prosperity, free trade, and freedom while also ensuring public safety, security, civil liberties, and privacy continues to present a major paradox. At the same time global studies have continued to show that talented information technology (IT) employees “are already in short supply everywhere, but the situation will get tougher, as the nature of skills needed is changing…”

Despite that seemingly abundance of opportunities in the overall IT marketplace, there is contradictory underrepresentation of blacks and other minorities in the segment of IT dedicated to the practice of cybersecurity.

An ICMCP membership can prove the right strategic career move for our members from several vantage points ie, entry-level career professionals looking to grow professionally, mid-level career professionals looking for career advancement opportunities, career executives looking to expand their networks or giving back to the community.

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